Correlation Between Sex and Back Pain

Sex and back pain turned out to have a correlation with each other. Sex is an activity which is always done by humans. In addition as a method to reproduce and preserve offspring, sex is also one way to have fun that is liked by everyone. However, it turns out that wrong sex position will actually make your back pain. This occurs because during sex you are in the wrong position. Or for people who have problems with the back pain, they have a tendency not to have sex with comfortable having to endure pain during intercourse. This is a problem for those who have problems with back pain.

For those of you who want to enjoy sex then you should always be in the correct position. Several styles in sex is not recommended by experts because it is believed to trigger a backache. Therefore, you are required to know more about sex and back pain. There are some sex positions that are prohibited such as spooning. This is one of the positions that will make the movement of men and women. Women may still be able to enjoy sex in this position, but the men will find it difficult to enjoy because they have to withstand the load on the back.

sex and back pain

On the other hand, sex also believed to relieve back pain. In a recent study says that if you have sex in the correct position, it will trigger back muscles better. This occurs because some sex movement will make the back muscles become stronger. If you managed to get an orgasm, some nerve point in the back also will be relaxed so that it is believed to relieve back pain. This is the link sex and back pain. Therefore, experts said that you have to have sex in the correct position so that you can get the best benefits.

Therefore, you should not hesitate to have sex when you are sore backs. You just need to know the exact position and you can also stop when it feels pain in the back. You have to be open to your partner so that it will make you feel comfortable. Understanding is very necessary so that you and your partner can enjoy a satisfying sex. Do not do the movement or position that can make your body ache, especially in the waist. Stop if you feel the pain and replace it with a better position. That’s the correlation sex and back pain.

sex and back pain